We specialize in eastern dry vegetables, tomatoes, tropical fruits and Asian vegetables with direct supply from growers and farmers from USA, North America, Central America and Europe.

Lisitano Produce provides fresh produce 365 day a year and Quality is always Priority #1.

We have long standing relationships with growers and farmers from California to Maine and Mexico to Canada to provide:

  • Consistent Availability
  • Consistent Quality

Our customers cover a wide range including all of the following.

  • Food service distributors
  • Restaurant distributors
  • National/regional retailers
  • Independent wholesalers and retailers
  • Local jobbers
  • Neighborhood bodegas
  • General public

General information

  • USDA PACA licensed wholesale commissioned merchant
  • USDA GAP/GHP certified food safety compliant facility
  • 15,000 sf refrigerated facility
  • Energy efficient coolers, lighting, heating systems
  • 24/7 computer monitored smart control refrigerated storage